Our Team Members

Our Team Members
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cha Ching!!

Who says we just collect road money???  I was excited, like I usually am, when I found a penny on my run this morning (it's sitting next to the pigs left ear).  I tucked it securely in my gloves and went on my merry way.  Well, a mile or so later I found a book, and then a puzzle!  Now those that know me, know I can't pass up a good find.  Besides finding $$, I've picked up cell phones, a camera, a circus balloon, a toy pig, a dog toy, and I have even gone as far as to carry a mesh princess laundry basket for several miles. So how could I leave a nice board book and an unwrapped puzzle?  I felt a little bad after I got home.  I am thinking that some poor kid had a birthday and mom or dad accidently left a few of the presents on top of the car. The book was part of a set of three (the other two didn't fare so well).

Monday, February 18, 2013

Let The Running Begin

We are actually not training just yet for the relay, but we will be shortly.   This is just us at our best, 5:15am!  Who else is crazy enough to get out there at that time of morning.  Welcome to the newcomers Eva and Melissa! 

Saturday, January 12, 2013


This is our obsession. Our namesake. The payoff, if you will, for pounding the pavement. The beat up ones are my favorite--they seem to have a story of their own (even though they aren't very shiny).

- Sarah

Sunday, March 4, 2012

2nd Annual 5k Spring Run Off results

Thanks again to all the runners who ran in the 2nd Annual Spring Run Off. It was a great success!! We had 20 more runners than last year for a total of 67. It was a perfect morning for a run with a little cloud cover and no wind. See you next year!!!

Weyekin Bill 18:43 (16)
Mike Leecy 18:44
Blake Franklin 19:27 (17)
Thomas Stenovich 20:28 (56)
Jake Osborne 20:44 (64)
Bryson Spratling 21:10 (15)
Dan Chichester 23:12
Steven Luce 24:36 (60)
Riley Stump 25:07 (25)
Kory Waterland 26:03 (25)
Lennox Picard 26:44 (13)
Bill Aney 26:48 (53)
Karilee Barfuss 26:52 (45)
Cole Carey 26:55 (15)
Erin McLaughlin 28:05 (28)
Brady Chichester 28:29 (9)
Mollie Chichester 28:35 (58)
Mariah Bandy 28:39
Jennifer Carey 29:09 (38)
Kathy Aney 29:13 (55)
Jason Writer 29:14 (42)
Christine Isaacson 29:43 (61)
Cara Wendel 29:53
Kirsten Campbell 30:10 (38)
Brad Spencer 30:18 (34)
Becky Greear 30:23 (47)
Vernon Squemphen 30:31 (37)
Greg Royal 30:32 (62)
Bill Ledbetter 30:33 (68)
Jim Doherty 30:46
Donna Bostwick 31:18 (39)
Amanda Hamilton 31:57 (32)
Elton Harrison 32:17 (10)
Kristy Neveau 33:48 (34)
Gary Chichester 34:00 (64)
Michael Greear 34:08 (60)
Damon McKay 34:55 (41)
Delores McLaren 36:21 (52)
Connor Murray 36:54 (12)
Melissa Patton 38:25 (24)
Elizabeth Chabot 38:26 (27)
Courtlyn Goodwin 38:52
Julie Goodwin 38:52
Jenna Harrison 39:27 (9)
Russell Harrison 39:28 (39)
Fontaine Fuentes 40:56 (6)
Ryan Murray 40:57 (31)
Naomi Seggerman 46:37 (37)
Bill McLaren 49:25 (52)
Scott Eddings 49:26 (49)
Leslie Bray 49:54 (31)
Isaiah Bray 49:56 (11)
Lauri Lowary 50:02 (42)
Linda Smith 50:02 (57)
Marie Bartlett 50:03 (23)
Jennifer Gourlie 53:01 (35)
Mary Gilbert 53:12 (46)
Robin Deter 53:13 (30)
Corissa Schuening 53:16 (23)
Donna Franklin 53:16 (42)
Natalie Johnson 53:44 (54)
George Picard 53:45 (55)

2012 KIDS Spring Run Off Results

The kids are a blast to watch run. We had some real troopers out there this year. Each finisher received a DQ gift certificate. Thanks kids for the great run!

Here are the results:

Kids run
Tanna Stewart 3:46
Marquelle Barfuss 4:32
Ashlee Zaugg 4:44
Ashtyn Larsen 4:44
Ethan Harrison 4:54
Lily Yoshioka 5:32
Kaiya Spencer 5:24
Kalan Spencer 5:36
Fontaine Fuentes 5:41
Elsie Zaugg 5:47
Aubrey Harrison 5:51
Nora Yoshioka 6:27
Keirsen Spencer 6:46
Kalissa Fuentes 9:44
Claire Harrison

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spring Run Off Registration Form 2012

The ladies from Shiny Penny Syndrome are excited to announce that the Spring Run Off 5k walk/run is scheduled to take place March 3rd, 2012 at 9:00 am. This year's route will be the same as last year. We will have prizes for the overall male and female winner, ribbons 3 deep for each age group, as well as a random drawing for numerous other fun prizes. Registration form can be found on our blog in the right hand column. Or, email us at shinypennygroup@gmail.com and we'll send you a registration form. See you there!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Way To Go Chris

Great job Chris and Sarah for running your little hearts out in the Mesa Falls Marathon. Chris took 2nd in her age group. You guys are amazing.